Each client has their own unique vision and we pride ourselves in our level of personalization and our ability to customize a multi-dimensional strategy to fit this vision. Through financial engineering, we construct a framework for the present and the future that aligns both your personal and your business aspirations in the pursuit of a higher quality of life. 

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

- Steve Jobs



You worked hard to accumulate your wealth, now we will work to protect it, and grow it in value. We use our years of experience to develop a customized approach for your portfolio, taking into consideration income and estate taxes, asset protection and your goals, risk and comfort level. We also examine the state of the financial markets nationally and globally as well as evaluate the level of correlation or non-correlation that will best serve to preserve your principal during market downturns.

Powered by the GWS Alpha Advantage our clients benefit by gaining substantial diversification of their portfolios with the twin goals of increasing total returns and reducing overall volatility. This is accomplished with exposure to many investment asset categories and customized for each individual client.

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Your CPA can crunch the numbers, but do they have your broad financial roadmap in mind?

Our creative ideas not only bring a fresh approach to your tax planning but also take into consideration your custom wealth strategy for optimal tax savings. As your wealth management experts, it's our job to create tax planning solutions that will increase business cash flow and enable you to grow your practice, making you more profitable.

At GWS, we are reinventing the role of the CPA by providing multidisciplinary solutions that ensure each opportunity for tax savings is leveraged.



At GWS, our medical financial advisory services cater to those physicians looking to grow their business through comprehensive financial advice, growth strategies and tax planning.

We understand where your unique needs and circumstances differ from those outside of your industry, and that’s why we provide comprehensive, specialized services that support not only your practice’s needs, but also your needs as an individual. Our years of experience serving physicians enable us to provide you with the most comprehensive value-added services and strategies available on the market. GWS takes a physician’s consultative approach to managing your investment portfolio, by first learning the intricacies of your business, and then delivering tailored strategies designed to protect the assets you accumulate from loss and minimize potential risks and tax burdens you may encounter.

We act as the catalyst to long-term business growth and profitability by helping you navigate the choices you can make today. We enable you to work on your business, rather than in it.


Reducing costs means increased profits.

Business owners and physician practices constantly struggle with the ever-increasing percentage of revenues that must be dedicated to employee benefits cost, especially in the area of health insurance. At GWS, we have the resources to identify the most cost-effective methods for our clients to provide for this and other important fringe benefits. Our experience, knowledge and affiliations put us in the position to research, analyze and identify methods of providing coverage – be they direct purchase, association health plans, utilization of Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) or employee leasing. We also identify ways for you to reduce overall risk management costs and expand your business through available retirement plan programs.

GWS Retirement Planning Services, via our affiliation with IFG pension plan services, has the resources to assist employers with retirement plan design and benchmarking. Is your current retirement plan provider a fiduciary?

We’ll assist you in evaluating options relating to:

  • Health Insurance
  • 401(k) Plan Enrollment and Employee Education
  • “Compensation Programs” for Key persons to assist in recruiting and retention
  • Supplemental retirement plans for owners only that can exceed 401(k) limits and be provided discriminately
  • Disability Insurance
  • Umbrella Policies
  • Workers’ Compensation insurance options
  •  Long Term Care Coverage
  • Preventive Medicine Programs
  • Safe Harbor 401k
  • Pre-Paid Legal Expense Plans
  • Corporate Medical Reimbursement
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)


As your wealth increases, so do complexity and risk. As a boutique firm, GWS is able to offer unique portfolio strategies and services that go beyond typical offerings to engineer the most comprehensive approach to wealth preservation and generation possible.

In protecting your wealth, nothing is left to chance. Through conversations and metrics, we determine your views on financial risk and reward, and set family goals and a roadmap to success. With the ability to recognize risks before they become concerns, and concerns before they become problems, we lay the groundwork for financial well-being. We consolidate global asset management, property management and maintenance, integrated estate and income tax planning, bill paying and reporting to streamline your path to financial security. We also offer college planning and funding strategies.

Lastly, we have access to a wide selection of protection strategies, which we implement for each client to fully cover their life and financial risks. 



Real Estate investment, in both traded and non-traded vehicles, requires years of experience and expertise to sift through the analytical data and address the concerns of the investing public. Our extensive understanding and experience with the ever-evolving real estate market throughout the Southwest, specifically Arizona, has enabled us to serve our clientele with their real estate questions and investments.

Global Wealth Strategies has extensive experience with traditional sales and creative financing strategies, short sales and strategic defaults. Through a substantial network of reliable lenders, title companies, inspectors and contractors our clients are assured that we can handle all aspects of the real estate transaction, both prior to and long after the sale.

Global Wealth Strategies also has experience in the sub-sectors of multi-family, student housing, mission critical, big data and assisted living opportunities.



Amrish Patel is an expert in healthcare, hospitality and retail businesses. He has provided business consulting services specializing in the growth and sale of Medical and Dental practices for over 20 years.

This specialized area with custom/catered services is offered through GWS Advisors, a separate Outside Business Activity (OBA) from Global Wealth Strategies.

This business is separate and standalone from the services provided by Global Wealth Strategies.

For further inquiries please contact Amrish Patel at 480-221-6502 or


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