Neeta  Patel

Neeta Patel

Client Relations Manager

Neeta brings both private and public accounting work experience to GWS. She graduated summa cum laude from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a B.S. in Business Administration /Accounting.

After acquiring her CPA, she spent her early years working for a small CPA firm in New York. She then moved to Chicago and worked in Price Waterhouse’s Tax Compliance area. In doing so, she gained knowledge and experience in personal and corporate tax practices.  

Neeta married and migrated to Arizona where she became a stay at home mom and focused on raising her two children. During these years, she continued to manage the finances for her family’s personal household as well as her husband’s successful medical practice. This focus on growing a small business allowed her to stay current in many areas of financial planning.

Neeta brings the same dedication to clients as she does her family. Her unsurpassed ethical and professional behavior give the members of GWS great pride in having her part of the team and representing the “Softer Side of GWS”